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Try to read to your child every day. Aim for 10 minutes of bedtime reading for a peaceful end of the day or curl up together with a book when you get home from work.  Want to spend some quality time with your child, improve his or her reading skills, and help him or her learn to love books at the same time?  You can do all three when you read with your child.  
Take turns picking out or selecting a book to read and introduce your child to new titles and varieties (nonfiction, poetry, some of your old favorites etc.) 
Ask your older child to read to you or to younger siblings to help you out.  Make the reading fun and playful and act out the characters and use different voices for different characters.  
Lead by example and set a 15 to 30 minute reading time in your home for everyone including the adults.  Make it a no game/TV time for everyone in the family.